The Dis-Ease – You can cure!


This Dis-Ease, the lack of ease.  The dis-ease of busy! Now how often do you hear this, over and over and from the same people around you? I am so busy! “How is work?” It is sooo busy! “How was the weekend?” I had to take the kids for their respective classes, cook, clean, get ready for dinner with friends……it was so busy! Its manic, it’s chaotic, its pandemonium! Does saying that you are busy sound cool?  Does it sound exhausting? Is it supposed to have a negative connotation?  Is having a full weekend a bad thing? In my view, business has become an indicator of high status.  But is it cool or is it a dis-ease? Find that Healthy Balance If you are productive […]

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Tash Runs: My First Half Marathon – I did it!

Before the gun triggered, we all sang to the National Anthem of South Africa. Here was an emotional point, I recalled making my resolution to run the OMTOM as my first half marathon, I flew to Cape Town and here I was at the start line. It was a feeling of accomplishment before I started, mostly because I worked hard at what I wanted and to that point I kept my promise to myself.

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My Love for India

I arrived in India a few days ago and as always, India is a beautiful paradox.  The beautiful temples amongst the dreaded pollution, the smelly streets in contrast with the aromatic flavored foods, the absolute methodical madness to the traffic amongst the jaywalking people and the holy cows!  The extremely poor  amongst the wealthy. A huge part of my heart lies in India.  Maybe because I am Indian (South African Indian), maybe it is a past birth affinity, so many unknowns and as I always say “something’s don’t need an explanation”. All I know is that I have a huge affinity to this very special country, I love India. So many experiences have literally brought tears to my eyes.  So many moments of pure joy […]

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Discover Bo-Kaap – Free Walking Tours

It is often said that the best way to discover a city is to put on your walking shoes and get lost in the nooks and crannies.  It is the best way to stumble upon quaint shops, learn about the locals and see a city. A better way to discover a city is to join a free walking tour which will take you through the nooks and crannies but with the benefit of learning about the history, myths and stories behind the streets you walk through. If you haven’t previously heard of free walking tours (where have you been), no, I just joke.  So most cities around the world offer these guided tours on foot.  The next time you decide to take a trip, remember […]

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Popsy Chic Blog turns 1 – Dream Big

Birthdays and acheivements are always a time to celebrate and today the Popsy Chic blog turns 1. As I write this article, I am sitting in Cape Town, thinking of how much encouragement I needed to start the Popsy Chic Blog, how brave I was to put myself out there, how I watched countless number of Youtube videos on how to design the theme and code the backend of the site.  But I did it (high five), the Popsy Chic Blog is now turning 1! Inspiration In case you were wondering, blogging has always been something I contemplated.  Like many things in life, I always put off the idea.  In 2016, I set myself two goals.  The first was make the blog happen and the second […]

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