My Bucket List of Wishes and Dreams

I have recently included my Bucket List of Wishes on the menu of my blog.  We all have dreams and yes you can make them a reality.  I have decided to include this on the blog to remind me and give my life more direction and purpose and to inspire everyone out there to jot down their own bucket list.  Ask yourself –  What do you dream about? On my new menu on the blog you can see my current aspirations and I have also included those that I have achieved.  As life moves on, we learn, we adjust our likes […]

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Women’s Health Fit Night Out

With winter headed out, Women’s Health magazine geared up with Adidas and threw us a fantastic Fit Night Out at Monte Casino last night. If you couldn’t make it or you were two minded about buying your ticket, heres what you missed out on. Almost 3000 ladies came out on the sunny afternoon (which turned into a chilly evening) to enjoy an almost 3.5 hour workout. Goodie Bags Now I know, everyone loves a goodie bag and Women’s Health and their sponsors did a fantastic goodie bag comprising: A pair of Adidas leggings An Adidas T shirt An Adidas yoga […]

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Why Be Thankful?

Meaning: thankful is to express gratitude and relief. I share this piece today to remind you that there is so much to be thankful for in life.  Remember never to take for granted the intangible joys of life. Surround yourself by positive inspiration and maintain a habit of gratefulness.     Be Thankful for opportunities you have, embrace them without fear.  Without opportunities you are not able to prove yourself and your worth and you are not able to demonstrate your abilities.  Imagine if you never get a job interview, imagine if you never allowed to speak, imagine if you can […]

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Photo Blog: Rishikesh

The air in Rishikesh is filled with an oxygenated spiritual charge. It is known as the yoga  capital of the world. Situated in the Uttarakhand District, North of India, in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan mountains, Rishikesh is home to numerous ashrams, temples and yoga centres. Getting there… You can arrive by car from New Delhi, take a train to Haridwar and taxi to Rishikesh or fly into Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. No matter which mode of transport you choose, on entering the beautiful city, you are met by the majestic Ganges river.  This holy river meanders its way […]

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The Dis-Ease – You can cure!


This Dis-Ease, the lack of ease.  The dis-ease of busy! Now how often do you hear this, over and over and from the same people around you? I am so busy! “How is work?” It is sooo busy! “How was the weekend?” I had to take the kids for their respective classes, cook, clean, get ready for dinner with friends……it was so busy! Its manic, it’s chaotic, its pandemonium! Does saying that you are busy sound cool?  Does it sound exhausting? Is it supposed to have a negative connotation?  Is having a full weekend a bad thing? In my view, […]

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