Tash Runs – Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC)


Now now, it is not because I run so fast that you got to Catch Me If You Can.  If you are a female between the ages of 18-65 and would like to join a safe and fun running group of ladies in your area, then why not join Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC). CMIYC can be found across the major cities in South Africa.  Each group has a group leader for that specific area that schedules the runs, the routes and the distance.  Don’t be intimidated to start running with a CMIYC group.  Go out there, make the […]

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Jane Sews – Seasonless Sandals for the Taking

I ordered a pair of these uber cute, tan Mieke sandals from Jane Sews.  I had to share this on the blog as soon as the package arrived BUT, I kerbed my enthusiasm. Why did I do that? I wanted to wear these classic styled shoes and let you have my honest review on them. So, first things first – Jane Sews is proudly South Africa!  Their pieces are handmade, with love, to perfection. Situated in Durban, Jane Sews can be described as Artisanal Clothing, Footwear and Accessories with a classic touch. Their online order process is as simple as […]

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Tash Runs – My First Marathon

I did it, I ran my first marathon, a whole FORTY TWO KM’s, yup 42.2km’s. Before I tell you about the race, my first take away from my experience was to be thankful for the opportunity to run this race in Cape Town, the other thing that stood out when I reflected on the experience was that YOU CAN achieve what YOU set out to do.  You have to work and work hard for what you want to achieve, but remember, nothing great comes from little effort. I believe that we all are capable, not of running a 42,2km maybe, […]

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My Bucket List of Wishes and Dreams

I have recently included my Bucket List of Wishes on the menu of my blog.  We all have dreams and yes you can make them a reality.  I have decided to include this on the blog to remind me and give my life more direction and purpose and to inspire everyone out there to jot down their own bucket list.  Ask yourself –  What do you dream about? On my new menu on the blog you can see my current aspirations and I have also included those that I have achieved.  As life moves on, we learn, we adjust our likes […]

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