Tash Runs – Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC)


Now now, it is not because I run so fast that you got to Catch Me If You Can.  If you are a female between the ages of 18-65 and would like to join a safe and fun running group of ladies in your area, then why not join Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC). CMIYC can be found across the major cities in South Africa.  Each group has a group leader for that specific area that schedules the runs, the routes and the distance.  Don’t be intimidated to start running with a CMIYC group.  Go out there, make the […]

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Tash Runs – My First Marathon

I did it, I ran my first marathon, a whole FORTY TWO KM’s, yup 42.2km’s. Before I tell you about the race, my first take away from my experience was to be thankful for the opportunity to run this race in Cape Town, the other thing that stood out when I reflected on the experience was that YOU CAN achieve what YOU set out to do.  You have to work and work hard for what you want to achieve, but remember, nothing great comes from little effort. I believe that we all are capable, not of running a 42,2km maybe, […]

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Women’s Health Fit Night Out

With winter headed out, Women’s Health magazine geared up with Adidas and threw us a fantastic Fit Night Out at Monte Casino last night. If you couldn’t make it or you were two minded about buying your ticket, heres what you missed out on. Almost 3000 ladies came out on the sunny afternoon (which turned into a chilly evening) to enjoy an almost 3.5 hour workout. Goodie Bags Now I know, everyone loves a goodie bag and Women’s Health and their sponsors did a fantastic goodie bag comprising: A pair of Adidas leggings An Adidas T shirt An Adidas yoga […]

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The Dis-Ease – You can cure!


This Dis-Ease, the lack of ease.  The dis-ease of busy! Now how often do you hear this, over and over and from the same people around you? I am so busy! “How is work?” It is sooo busy! “How was the weekend?” I had to take the kids for their respective classes, cook, clean, get ready for dinner with friends……it was so busy! Its manic, it’s chaotic, its pandemonium! Does saying that you are busy sound cool?  Does it sound exhausting? Is it supposed to have a negative connotation?  Is having a full weekend a bad thing? In my view, […]

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