Review – MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo

If there is one thing that can spruce up a bad hair day, it has to be MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo. MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo is God sent from hair heaven!

Now I am a huge MOROCCANOIL product fan.  I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a long time and I even use the oil.  Any other fans out there will tell you, Moroccanoil products smell great!

Moroccanoil dry shampoo

How to use Dry Shampoo

Basically, shake the can and spray the dry shampoo about 15 cm’s away from your scalp.  I first spray it down the centre and I then part my hair and do the same in two other sections.

All you need to do is massage it into your hair and then comb the spray through your hair.

The Results

The dry shampoo absorbs the oils, provides regained volume resulting in non oily and non greasy hair.  Most of all, the MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo does not leave any residue.  I can run my fingers through my hair effortlessly.

Who can use the Dry Shampoo?

Anyone can.  Moroccanoil caters for light hair tones and dark hair tones.  This takes care of the white residue dilemma that dark haired people face when using hair sprays.  MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo blends in perfectly with your specific hair colour.

Brown Spray for dark Tones

My thoughts?

Its a keeper for me and you have to try it out too!  I have not tried any other dry shampoos prior to this, so I can’t give you a comparison, however all my preconceived notions on dry shampoo have disappeared after giving this product a try.  I am thrilled by the dry shampoo invention, especially this specific product by MOROCCANOIL as all their products work perfectly for my hair type.

Most of all, MOROCCANOIL products are paraben free and they are infused with Argan Oil which leaves your hair full of life and nourished.  Great product, amazing smell, works well.

I purchased the travel size (65ml) spray can.  I suggest you try this small travel size version if you planning to try the product.  Now that I know it works, I probably will purchase the 205ml can the next time around.

If you have tried out a dry shampoo, leave me a comment below with your experience.

NB:  I have not been reimbursed or rewarded in any way to review this product.  This is an independent review based on my experience.

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