Spring has Sprung

image01 September and Spring has sprung for us in the Southern Hemisphere.

I am writing to you from a beautiful morning in Durban, Kwazulu Natal.  While I think the heat during the day will become much more intense, the morning is fresh, colorful flowers rear their heads as I look out my window and the beautiful chirps of birds fill the air.  Not a bad way to start my Spring day I’d say!


We all have our preference on our best season.  I know I certainly do.  However, we sometimes  don’t stop to appreciate nature and its significance.

Seasons bring out new beginnings, new fruits, changes and inspiration.  It cleanses and starts again through the months of the year.  Isn’t that such a perfect way to appreciate and embrace changes and the passage of change?

No matter where in the world you maybe celebrating Spring is always so bright and colourful.

Below is a throwback to Spring 2015, where I got to celebrate Spring in Budapest.  It is a captured snap of one of my favorite flowers.  Just how marvelous and splendid is nature.


While some would love an endless Spring or Summer, time marches on.  Change in season gives us a stop point to reflect, measure progress and find ways to improve our well being and ultimately find ways to be healthy and happy.

Embrace your Spring day! Spruce up your fashion (obvs) take time to reflect and love!

Happy Spring everyone


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