Tash Runs – My Running Journey

Tash Runs - My running journey

This morning when I went for a run, I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you, my running journey and hopefully inspire you to get out there and give it a try.  I then thought it would be good to start a series within the blog dedicated to running.  As you probably figured out and if you read my about page, most call me Tash, therefore I decided to call the articles dedicated to running”Tash Runs”.  This marks the first article in the Tash Runs series.

How did I make the start?

I started running regularly in January 2015.

I joined the local Parkrun in Lonehill.  What I enjoyed about starting out like this is that you run with many people.  Running with others motivate you for the most of it.  I say for the most of it, as there are times, I really enjoy running by myself, getting lost in my thoughts and at my own pace.  Back to the Parkrun; it allows you to run in a safe environment.  It also motivates you to show up for the 08:00am whistle.  Its is approximately a 5km run which is a good distance to start out and a good way to start your weekend too.

So thats where I started….

I continued with Parkrun and also started entering 5km races around Johannesburg and Pretoria.

There are times where you don’t feel like getting out of bed for a morning run, there are times when you running and you feel as if it is never going to end.  There are also times where you are going to get a side stitch and you are going to run of breath.  It is all part of the process, just don’t give up.

Being regular is really what improves your running and your endurance, I am not able to stress this enough!

Find the right running motivators

For the entire of 2015 I kept thinking about how I would be able to find others to train with.  I persevered and prayed about finding the right people that would suit my schedule. During this time, with literally one foot in front of the other, I kept going by myself and hoped that the right motivators will come along.

After the first quarter of 2016, I managed to find two awesome colleagues who are avid runners.  Let alone avid, they are a force to be reckoned with.  One of them is a multiple Comrades finisher and the other is a marathon runner!  I can’t tell you all how much my two colleagues have motivated and taught me about running in the few months that we have trained together!  Thank you guys!

2016 saw me become braver, with a bigger picture in mind.  I started running longer distances and entered many 10km races.  I started training during the week and on one day on the weekend.

Onwards and Upwards

My first official 10km was this year in March.  I ran the Hyundai Rock the Run race.  Since, I have run the MTN 10km, the Irene Farm 10km, the Soweto Marathon 10km, Tom Jenkins 10km (these are the ones I remember).  The point of naming the races is to tell you that there are so many races that take place each weekend.  It motivates you to enter and keep trying.  When I attempted my first 10km, it probably took me around 1h15m to complete the race.  As I persevered and continued to run 10km, I now have improved to a personal best if 1h06m, all of which I achieved between March and October this year.

Where to from here?

In between my crazy work schedule in the past few months, I managed to still get some training in.  I have increased my distance to around 16km – 17km on some training days (which I am super stoked about) and thanks to my training partners!  My average pace has also improved.

So for those out there thinking of being resolute in 2017, to start running, give it a try and if you find it works for you, then you are definitely going to love it!  I certainly do.  My advise to you is to be discipline, get out there on the most difficult of days, it definitely pays off.

Tash Runs: Some simple tips that I have learnt through my running journey

  1. Posture: remember to keep your shoulders back and look straight ahead.  This helps to open out the lungs and aids with breathing;
  2. Wear the right shoes;
  3. Join a running club;
  4. Eat right;
  5. Be discipline and regular (this is a tough one, I know);
  6. Find another form of exercise to compliment your running routine, such as gym, yoga etc.  I do yoga as I find that this works well for my schedule and my body type.  You want to ensure that you strengthen your core;
  7. Set yourself a goal.  Your own goal;
  8. Keep trying – never give up!

Please remember that my tips are based on my own experience through my journey of running and my body.  These are the things that work for me, it is not recommended that you base your runs on these tips only, or at all.  Find what works for you, google, read running blogs and magazines and you will learn about what works for your body during your running journey.

Run your own race, at your own pace and remember to enjoy the journey.  Happy strides!

~Tash Runs

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