Tash Runs:How to Choose your Running Shoes? I Chose the Adidas Adizero Adios 3

I finally managed to settle on a new pair of running shoes.  It took me almost 3 months to settle on this pair and it was certainly worth the wait.  We all have such unique feet and different running requirements that I don’t think that there is one best running shoe, but what I will try to do today is help you select a pair of running shoes that is suitable for YOUR feet.

Where to start?

I visited the Sweatshop (or you can visit any specialty sport shop) and did a foot assessment with one of their trained consultants.  The consultant will put you in a pair of shoes based on how often and how long you run for and whether you planning to do longer distances etc.  So there are a few variables considered before you step into a pair of trainers.  The alternative is that you take your current pair along and explain the difficulty you facing in that pair or like in my case, it was time I changed my running shoes as they are wearing out.

Foot types

The consultant considers the shape of your foot – there are three types; flat, neutral or high arched.  Most shoe brands consider these types when designing shoes and the consultant will direct you to a few brands that fall into one of the three categories based on where your feet are best suited.

Making the Choice

This was and probably is the most difficult part for most.  Remember when choosing your running shoes the motto “Fashion First” does not apply ;)!

Remember to:

  1. Take your time, try on a few;
  2. Consider a size or two bigger (your feet swell during the day);
  3. Ask about running club discounts that may be applicable;
  4. Take a short jog around the store wearing the shoes;
  5. Ask questions at the specialty shop regarding the features of the shoe and if it is suitable for the type of running you do;
  6. Discuss any previous injuries you may have had and
  7. Think long term – your shoes are an investment!

What did I settle on?

I finally settled on a pair of Adidas Adizero Adios 3 running shoes.  It fits snug and it is a very light weight pair.  I waited a few weeks before I prepared this review just to try them out and I can comfortably let you all know that I have run more than 50km’s in them and have not had an blisters, underfoot soreness or injuries.
Tash Runs:How to Choose your Running Shoes? I Chose the Adidas Adizero Adios 3

If you have recently bought a pair, please share your advice in the comments box below.

Happy Running!

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