The Dis-Ease – You can cure!


This Dis-Ease, the lack of ease.  The dis-ease of busy!

Now how often do you hear this, over and over and from the same people around you? I am so busy!

“How is work?” It is sooo busy!

“How was the weekend?” I had to take the kids for their respective classes, cook, clean, get ready for dinner with friends……it was so busy! Its manic, it’s chaotic, its pandemonium!

Does saying that you are busy sound cool?  Does it sound exhausting? Is it supposed to have a negative connotation?  Is having a full weekend a bad thing?

In my view, business has become an indicator of high status.  But is it cool or is it a dis-ease?

Find that Healthy Balance

If you are productive that is good, if you have a balanced life that is even better.  Assess what you are so busy doing. Is it a combination of work, family, spirituality, good company and time for yourself?

Are you present when you with someone, (mentally not physically)? And are you present when you doing something? Is your mind constantly racing about what’s next?  Have you succumbed to the digital life?

Do you make a concerted effort to be mindful, thoughtful, genuinely caring to those around you?

This state of unease is ruling the way you live your life. Days, months and years pass by in the same dis-ease!

So the next time somebody asks “how are you?” or “how is life?” hopefully it is a positive answer describing the things you doing and enjoying.

Find that balance and take charge of your choices.

I know that my post is filled with questions.  This was intentional and they are not rhetoric!  It is meant to make you question, evaluate and reflect on yourself.

Always remember, you own your life, so it is up to you to make that positive change.

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