Olympics and Olympic Fever

Olympic Fever – Faking illness to get out of: work, school, obligations,etc. during the Olympics. Swept up with Olympic Fever?  FOMO?  The countdown is over and the games have begun.  As a kid, I remember the build up to the Olympics being such a highlight at home.  We would  play games like testing each other on which country relates to which flag, what nationality the Olympic entrants name sounds like and how many medals our country would come home with.  It was never too late to be glued to the tele, even on a school night.  The opening and closing ceremonies were […]

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ENTERtainer and Win!

Last year when I stumbled upon the Entertainer the skeptic in me raised an eye. So often I see something at a great price and I immediately become skeptical about why it is a bargain. Be it a gadget, clothing but mores an online deal. Being the cynic that I am, I headed straight to the University of Google and read review upon review, all of which were so positive! I even looked at the Facebook page to see whether this app really gives you what it is promising. So after much research, I downloaded the app and purchased the Entertainer. Now here is what I am on about….

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Westcliff Stairs – The Stairway to Fitness

The Westcliff stairs were built in 1922 by unemployed miners.  The staircase provided pedestrians a throughfare up or down the ridge. Since, the staircase has evolved into one of the most popular outdoor training venues in Johannesburg. This popular staircase consists of 210 stairs snaked between Johannesburg’s idyllic suburb of Westcliff with entrances on Woolston Road and Westcliff Drive. For a change to my weekend running routine, I decided to try out the Westcliff stairs.  A good change indeed but definitely no walk in the park! I started at the top of the staircase and worked my way down.  I […]

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Mandela Day 2016

The countdown to Mandela Day 2016 is on. How are you going to be a change-maker?

What is Mandela Day?

Mandela Day is celebrated on Mr Mandela’s birthday. It is a day that encourages people all over the world to spend 67 minutes to use their power to make a positive difference in the world. Nelson Mandela inaugurated this idea on his 90th birthday in London’s Hyde Park in 2008. Mr Mandela said “It is time for new hands to lift the burdens. It is in your hands now”.

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Chateau Gateaux Patisserie

Chateau Gateaux, Cowey Road, Patisserie

On my last visit to Durban, my mum and I  decided to tried out the popular roadside café – Chateau Gateaux Patisserie. Situated on Problem Mkhize Road (formerly Cowey Road), this Parisian styled roadside café exudes European charm.  Seating is available on the street side as well as the inside of the café.  Durban has the best winters, so without hesitiation we opted for a table by the pavement.  Chateau Gateaux has the simple concept of placing your order at the counter, the waiter will then bring the order to you.  While placing my order, I took note of how each cake […]

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