Mandela Day 2016

The countdown to Mandela Day 2016 is on. How are you going to be a change-maker?

What is Mandela Day?

Mandela Day is celebrated on Mr Mandela’s birthday. It is a day that encourages people all over the world to spend 67 minutes to use their power to make a positive difference in the world. Nelson Mandela inaugurated this idea on his 90th birthday in London’s Hyde Park in 2008. Mr Mandela said “It is time for new hands to lift the burdens. It is in your hands now”.

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Chateau Gateaux Patisserie

Chateau Gateaux, Cowey Road, Patisserie

On my last visit to Durban, my mum and I  decided to tried out the popular roadside café – Chateau Gateaux Patisserie. Situated on Problem Mkhize Road (formerly Cowey Road), this Parisian styled roadside café exudes European charm.  Seating is available on the street side as well as the inside of the café.  Durban has the best winters, so without hesitiation we opted for a table by the pavement.  Chateau Gateaux has the simple concept of placing your order at the counter, the waiter will then bring the order to you.  While placing my order, I took note of how each cake […]

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Delightful Turkey – Istanbul Travel Guide

blue mosque

Bursting with colour, fragrance and culture, Istanbul is an ancient city with a young vibe. Being the only city in the world to span across two continents (Asia and Europe), it exudes old charm contrasted with a modern and trendy feel. Separated by the Bosphoruous Strait into the Asian side and the European side, Istanbul (previously known as Constantinople) has a rich and interesting history.

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Magical Moments – Creating Love, Smiles & Cherished Moments

What is life without love, smiles and cherished moments? Do we take time to reflect, appreciate and be thankful for all that we have? Magical Moments certainly understands this need as well as the need to create joy by simple and meaningful gestures to amazing young, innocent children. Here is the story of Ilana Friedman and Magical Moments.

What started out as a soul identifying journey on what her purpose in life may be, Ilana definitely received the higher energies’ blessings very soon after embarking on her path. Initially, she started by visiting less fortunate children in Eldorado Park, South of Johannesburg. She would take the children treats and spend time together with the children.

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