3 Benefits Running has on your Well Being

We often create perceptions that something is too difficult. So often I have heard “I cannot run, it is impossible for me achieve”. How can something you haven’t tried be impossible? Simply put, we all need some form of physical activity to maintain good health and a balanced lifestyle. Give it a shot, I assure you that it is worth it.

While going to gym is beneficial to so many people, I realised that going to gym was not working for me. I felt the need to be outdoors, taking in the fresh air as opposed to an air conditioned gym filled with sweaty people, queues and the germs off course. I call it the gym and germ syndrome!

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The Four Agreements

The Four Agreeements

Don Miguel Ruiz writes in his famous book, the Four Agreements, 4 simple yet powerful ways in which we can free ourselves from ways we create limitations for ourselves. For me personally, the Four Agreements helped me reflect and further to that, helped me create more positivity and awareness in my daily actions. The Four Agreements focuses on four simple qualities that we should all consciously inculcate into our daily lives. Agreement 1 – Be impeccable with your word Simply put, you should keep to your word.  If you make a commitment then you should live up to that commitment.  So often, we say “yes” to please, or we say “yes” to conform and we flake later. The first agreement also discusses the power of […]

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Road Trip – Gauteng to Mpumalanga

image show blyde river canyon

Long weekend?  Why not road trip?  My thoughts exactly! And so Mpumalanga it was… I must admit upfront that I wish I had done this short road trip sooner – yes it was that good. It left me feeling even more patriotic and proud to be a South African. The Kruger National Park is situated in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, just 5 hours away from Gauteng.  We drove through Gauteng using the R539 route towards Sabie (the Panorama Route).  Mpumalanga has breathtaking views.  The winding mountainous drive leaves you nestled in nature.  Nature always has a special way of leaving me feeling rejuvenated. Our first stop was at the Sudwala Caves (approx. 25 minutes away from Nelspruit) and after a short climb up […]

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